by snake boy gang

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released April 21, 2017

madel play everything except:
drum kit on with you and roof, beat on Wear a coat (SAM HUNTINGTON!)
bass on with you and roof (RYAN FICANO)

mixed by madel and mark watter
mastered by nolan eley



all rights reserved


snake boy gang Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mostly fun songs by me Madel

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Track Name: Roof
so heres the view from the top
a little lopsided and sloppy
would you come and join me?
wont you come out and join me

i cut the lady's mouth out of the magazine
pretended mine was hers and said some silly things
would you come and join m
do you think im funny

when you spit off the roof
i put my hand out in front of you to stop it
then i lost my balance
now im tumbling through the darkness
when you spit off the roof
i put both hands out in front of you to stop it
now you're angry and my palms wet
oh well, i got some purell
Track Name: Roller Coaster
i've been faking being sick
im really good at faking it
i always cry when im alone
i always cry after i throw up
if you go back to the hospital
you know i'll come and visit ya
if im stuck thinking about you dead
ill hit restart and start again

ive been pretending to love it
so you would pay for my ticket
realistically im really scared of things like roller coasters and swinging ships
i hate roller coasters and swinging ships
Track Name: Detained
detained and doubled over
i'm performing my performance
if you write me i would write back
i'd love to touch you and to be touched back

i love to watch you when youre dancing
you move so funny in a good way
do you love to watch me
watch me do anything
you dont look at me lately
when i tell you im lonely

do you want to move?
for more trees and fresh air
for you i'd go anywhere
even New Hampshire
or do you want to move back to Missouri?
close to your family
and an affordable place to be
Track Name: With You
Nachos or fruit smoothie
i want to feel healthy
but i love eating junk food with you

ride our bikes along the river
towing beer in a cooler
i love being stupid with you
Track Name: Go To Hell
If i die and go to hell
will you come and visit me there
i think i died and went to hell
i know cause i ate the shell
and threw the rest of the egg in the fire

i hope you can hear me through the wall
my pain in performance
im crying in the hallway

i cant make you love me if you dont
i know bonnie said it first
but she said it so good
Track Name: Retainer
you thought you lost your retainer
so i went through the lunch trash
left behind a big mess
it was in your backpack

i bought more window cleaner
cause ive been kissing mirrors
something that makes me feel real
wipe it and start over

tell me what you want from me
you know i'd give you anything

tell me what you want from me
im busy in my nightgown
feeling holier than thou
i get scared with the lights out
so i run upstairs to lie down
Track Name: Fight With Me
fight with me
say something mean
fight with me
say you hate my body, you could never love me

i'll pick you up
when its raining out and park my car
i can park anywhere i want
if i leave the hazards on
i can do anything i want

but what i want
all i really want is paid time off
i'll put my hand in the fryer
put my whole arm in the fryer

when i'm feeling blue
everyone else has to feel it too
i'll feel anyway you want me to
you'll feel anyway i want you to
Track Name: Wear a Coat
I wear a coat in the house
decided that this year im waiting it out
it'll be spring
i'll blink and it'll be spring

what was that thing
that thing that you vandalized again
was it a rock?
oh wait i remember!
it was a rock

we both wear our coats and its dark in the house
i got you trapped but i know you'll get out
i fell out of bed
im fine but i fell out of bed
Track Name: Bad Man
i got home
i took a load off
took my bra off, left it on the sofa
first an in breath, then an out one

you came home
we went walking
showed me your old house and your girlfriends house too
you're a lot like me
its hard to tell when youre unhappy
so i dont ask and you dont ask me

i didnt get what they were saying
you kissed the pool boy
well i hardly noticed it
thats some thin ice
we're still skating
am i a bad man?
or a bad woman
i put the bottle in the recycling bin