much love -​-​snake boy

by snake boy gang

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its love songs
i love !


released May 1, 2016

recorded in the old shed behind the lot with my boys



all rights reserved


snake boy gang Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mostly fun songs by me Madel

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Track Name: ice coffee no ice plz
save it in the pot for later
simple syrup cream and sugar
i like sweet and you like sweeter
ice coffee no ice please, for here

come outside, i've got to show you
well there isnt really much thats new
but we've got steps they're good for sitting
holding hands and maybe kissing
i like sweet and you are sweetest
Track Name: hanging out
i got a dresser
i took it from my parents house
threw out those milk crates
now we got all our shit in place
now how about it?
a shower and a coffee mask
maybe some push ups
we'll at least think about doing that

we got everything that we really need
i dont want to want more than you tiny

you're pretty good at hanging out
you're really good at getting down (!!)
i'll dance for you
you dance for me
our soundtrack is
the gilmore girls theme
Track Name: yoga with adriene with us
i had some friends come over
we're gonna do some yoga
i moved the coffee table
are you ready, willing, able?
maybe baby we could, should we
lets mute the video, i think we're ready to go
show me your favorite pose

its yoga with adriene with us
Track Name: no such thing as a dog house
you are not following
come with me please
i want you
you're invited

hold it close to your chest
come and get back in bed
no ones in the dog house
Track Name: being stupid with you
nachos or fruit smoothie?
i want to feel healthy
but i love eating junk food with you

ride our bikes along the river
towing beer in a cooler
i love being stupid with you